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Alexis Lost 11.5 lbs & 17.75 inches*

"I found Trainer Lindsey's 15 Day Fit Body Challenge in February 2016. My results were AMAZING and I haven't stopped! I have done several rounds of the 15 Day Challenges and 6 Week Fit Body Challenge! I finish one and start another round— my lifestyle has become one big Trainer Lindsey challenge.

I reached my goal weight in the 6 Week Fit Body Challenge! I have lost 11.5lbs and 17.75 inches total! I love my fit journey so far and I am so grateful for Trainer Lindsey and all of the IdealFit products.”

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I’ve been training, coaching, and helping people reach their fitness goals for over a decade, as a NSCA Personal Trainer, CISSN Sports Nutritionist, a National Level Figure Competitor, and a busy mother of three, I’ve compiled my past 10 years of fitness experience into one comprehensive plan to produce the best results, period.

This specialized training system will burn fat and build toned muscle and can be done in less than 30 minutes a day!

But working out is only half the challenge. This nutrition and meal program implements a unique carb cycling strategy dubbed “The Flush System” to improve weight loss for an incredible toned look.

The 6 Week Fit Body Challenge Will Change Your Life

The 6 Week Fit Body Challenge is a proven, complete lean body transformation program that is designed for everyone, no matter where you are on your fitness journey.

Say goodbye to spending countless hours in the gym or starving yourself on a bland diet. My workouts can be done at home in less than 30 minutes, and my meal plans are focused on burning fat for a sculpted, lean body.

The Most Effective Way to Get Fit

I’ve taken the hard work out of nutrition planning for you, providing you with several powerful tools like delicious meal guides, recipes, and much more!

This complete, all-in-one system combines circuits of resistance training and cardio bursts, as well as customized meal plans to energize your body and your mind to keep you motivated and inspired each day as you build your ideal, fit body!

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Day 1 Day 1
Day 40 Day 40

Check Out Britney's Incredible Results

She Lost 17 lbs!

"I think the easiest thing is basically being told how to eat. Having the meal plans set up, knowing what to eat, and the workouts are always nice and quick, that makes it easier...

The biggest thing for me is feeling good. I’ve always had chronic stomach issues and never feeling well and following this program, I feel great. It made me realize how important nutrition really is."

This 6 week challenge is different from the rest

This is the ONLY Challenge that gives you:

36 Instructional Workout Videos

36 Instructional Workout Videos

6 Weeks of Complete Meal Plans

6 Weeks of Complete Meal Plans

Food Substitution and Grocery Lists (You REALLY can't find this anywhere else!)

Food Substitution and Grocery Lists (You REALLY can't find this anywhere else!)

Personal Coaching From Me, Trainer Lindsey

Personal Coaching From Me, Trainer Lindsey

Exclusive Membership To My Private Community

Exclusive Membership To My Private Community

Cash, Prizes, AND a Chance To Win A Trip

Cash, Prizes, AND a Chance To Win A Trip

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To get the best possible results, you need to make sure you’re not only training hard, but also staying consistent day-in and day-out. That's where your FREE tub of IdealLean Protein and my NEW 6 Week FBC Workout DVDs will REALLY help you out. You’ll have everything you need to maximize your workout recovery and sculpt lean, toned muscle without ‘bulking’ up.

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I designed IdealLean Protein and my new 6 Week FBC DVDs especially for women's unique fitness needs and convenience. Packed with the made-for-women nutrition of IdealFit, IdealLean Protein will power you through my entire challenge. You can take your workouts wherever you go, and get amazing results. Just push "Play!"

Day 1 Day 1
Day 40 Day 40

Tara Lost 25.5 lbs & 10% Body Fat*

“I loved doing the 6-week challenge! It offers different style workouts each week which keeps those muscles guessing, and you can do the workouts pretty much anywhere; Even while in working in Africa, like me!

The nutrition plan is more extensive than in Lindsey’s 15 Day Challenge. It was so helpful in gaining a healthy eating plan I can stick to, and even enjoying it!”

Get the Results You've Always Imagined

Get the Results
You've Always Imagined

"For the past 10 years, I have been working with women all over the globe through: 1 on 1 training, online personal coaching, AND my signature boot camp programs. I love being able to teach others that you CAN see results whether you're a mom, business owner, single parent, or anything in between!

I can't wait to teach you my proven system to help you lose fat without spending hours in the gym AND still being able to indulge in your favorite foods! I designed this program to produce the most incredible results that you will actually be able to maintain, and I can't wait for you to experience them!"

xoxo Lindsey

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